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Vladlena – Preili, Latvia

Vladlena began making author's dolls in 2007.

Member of the Art dolls section of the Creative Union of Russian Artists Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Vladlena, who has her own doll gallery in Preili, is a member of the International Author Doll Association (IADA) and a member of the Baltic Guild of Doll and Toy Artists.

The President of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers, ordered a doll in 2009 that became a gift to King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Author’s dolls are very popular. They are displayed in galleries in Moscow and Baku as well as in private collections in many countries of the world: England, Ireland, France, Germany, Russia, Belarus and the United States.

Vladlena has participated in many international exhibitions - in Riga, Prague, Moscow, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Baku, Minsk, Vilnius, Amsterdam and Muenster.

She has also won prizes in various competitions.

In 2009:

  • The Main Prize of the Doll Master magazine
  • A Prizewinner in the Our Childhood Fairytale and Anti-stress Doll categories at the 1st international Dolls Seasons in Riga exhibition


In 2013:

  • A Prize in the Details category and the audience's choice Prize in the Del Arte competition 


In 2014:

  • A Prize in the 10th anniversary international Salon of Dolls exhibition in Moscow
  • The audience's choice prize at the Panna DOLL'ya exhibition in Minsk
  • A Prize at the Kingitus Christmas exhibition in Tallinn
  • A Prize for charitable contribution to helping children in Tallinn


In 2015:

The audience's choice prize at the 1st international Doll Summer in Preili festival

In 2015 Vladlena participated in a charity event to support children with cancer in Riga, which was held in Riga’s Grand Hotel.  Author's dolls by Vladlena were shown at the international Kingitus exhibition in Tallinn.

Preili Municipality Council awarded Elena Mikhaylova (Vladlena) the rank of Honorable Citizen of the Preili Municipality on June 19 2015. She received this honor for her contribution to the popularization of Preili region and for socially important and creative work in the development of tourist activity.

In August 2015 and 2016, Vladlena was one of the organizers of the international Doll Summer festival in Preili.